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Thread: 1991 R100GS Paris Dakar Foot Peg Question

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    Hmmm...I thought you figured out which part number matched up?
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    Well, I thought I may have found it. Just wanted some verification from the experts here!



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    Quote Originally Posted by leafman60 View Post
    My question is not what came on the bike but what rubber insert will fit the pegs as shown in my previously posted picture.
    That's already been answered, so you're good to go. But my '91 PD (like other US models) came with the low pegs. Doesn't matter why, though. Just the way it is.

    Twenty years ago it was quite a source of confusion on the Micapeak GS list, when US owners were asking about lowering pegs and the Euro owners were suggesting using the "low pegs" and it took a bit for people to figure out that the US owners had those low pegs the whole time. It's interesting to see that the 1150GS Adventure uses those same high pegs that you have, so maybe the R100GS US pegs would be a lowering solution for those bikes.
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