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Thread: Hard Box Scratch

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    Hard Box Scratch

    I purchased a 2011 R1200RT this past summer and it had been well maintained, no scratches. Yesterday I opened the left side hard box and didn't realize that the restraining strap had unhooked, so now I have an ugly scratch on the top of the box where it hit the ground - depressing! Does anyone have a tip for touching up the scratch so it doesn't look so bad? I hope BMW has come up with a better design for the restraining strap since 2011.

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    I hate when that happens! Check some of the threads in the Similar Threads pane at the bottom of the screen.

    I've been using a metal polishing compound by Blue Magic called Metal Polish Cream on some brass items. A similar product would be Simichrome Polish. While they indicate for metals, I suspect they might do a good job on hard surfaces as well. Try in a less-seen place first.
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    Kurt he probably had painted lid on his RT.
    At first when he mentioned boxes I was thing GS aluminum bags.
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    How deep is the scratch? Can you feel it with your fingernail? If so, I'd start with a touch up pen in the scratch, try and apply it somewhat proud of the surface. Use 1000 grit to wet sand smooth the touch up, then switch to 1500 then 2000 wet sanding both. After sanding get some 3M swirl remover and polish out sanding scratches. If it's not very deep you can try just the swirl remover. Good luck.
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