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Thread: R100 support for heated gear

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    I have found that you can run a jacket and grips as long as you use a heat controller for the jacket. Running the controller at 60% or so still gives good heat and doesn't tax the system as much. Turn it all off for the last ten minutes of the trip so the battery can recover a bit.
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    I appreciate everyone who has taken time to answer this thread. Each of us have our own experience, knowledge and made choices on what they felt best for themselves.

    It is nice to see how the choices made turned out.

    At least, there is now a way to upgrade the charging system of the airheads, I am thankful for someone who took the time to put the packages together and brought it to market.

    For me, it is a vast improvement and worth the money.

    If I have my way, my airheads would last till I bury them next to me. St.

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