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Thread: '03 K1200rs windshield problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffDiCarlo View Post

    Your bike has an aftermarket windshield, and with it, mounting bits that are unique to that shield.
    As to your problem, my guess would be that the size of your shield, at speed, puts more force on the mechanism that BMW supplies which is designed for the smaller stock shield. That force causes the shield to collapse.
    In truth I'm not clear on your failure mode, so I can't suggest specific approaches for a fix, but in general terms your options are clear.

    Slow down (LOL!)
    Switch back to a stock shield.
    Redesign the pivoting mechanism in some manner to allow it to withstand greater wind forces.

    And just spit-balling here: the K12GT of the same generation has a power windshield system. It might be possible to integrate that mechanism which may be able to better withstand the deflection forces.

    FWIW, stock shield down and up, attached and I have no idea why they are upside down. Sorry.

    Good luck.
    IMHO Jeff is correct in his assessment of the problem- your larger after market windshield has overloaded the spring assembly installed to secure the stock RS windshield in its up or down position. I have a 2003 K1200RS also and have never experienced any problem with the windshield positioning assembly.

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    Adding the GT’s electric windshield operator will not fix the issue—there are plenty of GT riders who are unable to adjust their aftermarket screens on the go and who experience issues with the WS mechanism. Perhaps you can increase the spring tension on your existing setup?

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    Hard to describe what I think actually happened, but I think it started with loose bolts and enlarged holes in the windshield, leading to a cracked lower mounting holes in the windshield, leading to the mounting bracket being over stressed, breaking, and allowing the upper bracket to go over center and the windshield to fold back.

    I ordered the new Areo-Flow, and as I indicated, it is even taller than the one I had - so I understand the concerns about stress on the mounting assembly. However, it is more pleasant than the old one. The old one seemed to deflect the rough air right to my helmet. I suspect as Lee pointed out the lower stock windshield would have been quieter. I can attest that the higher current one is.

    As far as mechanical strength, I'll be sure to keep the mounting screws tight. I've had this windshield up to triple digits briefly, and it seems OK. I'll post back here if the BMW mounts aren't up to the added stress.

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    Post Double wind screen with air capture...

    The windscreen that came with your bike is a double windscreen with air capture.

    When set up correctly, these essentially eliminate wind noise and buffeting.

    Air is captured by the large leading screen as it protrudes out over the headlight.

    Air capture path.PNG

    It is then channeled up along the trailing/backside of the leading screen by a smaller trailing screen.

    Air flow from channel.PNG

    This design reduces or eliminates negative trailing pressure behind the windscreens.

    And keeps direct airflow off of the rider.

    It thus reduces or eliminates wind noise and buffeting on the rider.

    MadStad has a line of screens with similar aerodynamics but these also have attitude adjustment mechanisms to achieve optimal windscreen angle (

    Unfortunately, they don't have a kit for the K12RSs.

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