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Thread: Painting bike

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    Paint it!

    I agree with the comment about "making it your own." I had mine painted (thanks Jeff!) and it now looks like a red bike coming at you.

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    I may in the minority here but on the Red RT I really like the contrasting gray trim. I think it compliments the graphics very well and adds to the overall attractiveness of the bike. But hey ... that's why Baskin Robbins makes 31 flavors.

    Also, I keep my bikes 8-10 years and have seen selling a non-standard color bike is even harder than selling a stock color bike. I agree ... you buy a motorcycle to make you happy and if changing the color is what really makes you happy go for it. But the option of doing a wrap is a great way to make it totally your own and then go back to stock when selling. I've seen a couple of bikes posted on the BMW sites that have been wrapped and man they look great. In addition the cost of a wrap should not be any more than a paint job and probably less.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WWeldin View Post
    I agree with the comment about "making it your own." I had mine painted (thanks Jeff!) and it now looks like a red bike coming at you.
    The nice thing about painting the RT nose is a lot of people, even BMW riders, will not realize it's not stock.
    For me it's no different than painting the top box lid.
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