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Thread: Anyone have the new First Gear Kilimanjaro 37.5 jacket?

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    I've purchased quite a bit of "Waterproof" gear over the years, bith for hunting and for motorcycling.

    I've often "bit" on "Better or as good as Goretex" only to be disappointed in the end.

    I'm on my second set of Klim Latitude gear, I put over 80,00 miles on the first set, sold it for more than half of what I paid for it, bought a second set.

    My Latitude gear has kept me dry on two trips to the Arctic ocean and across the country in Spring/Summer/Fall.

    When coupled with a set of LDComfort wicking base layer It has worked in hi temps and humidity as well.

    I am comfortable with the vents open up to about 90F, above 90F I close the vents, open the sleeve cuffs and the collar, wet my sleeves and it is like riding with air conditioning. I usually have to close the sleeves some to keep from getting chilled.

    I don't know what Max BMW is seliing the Latitude for but I encourage you to give Alex Johnson at Black Hills Moto a call 605-569-2705, he has always treated me exceptionally well, he sells a lot of KLIM Gear.
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