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Thread: Wired Molded Ear Buds - Need Help Adding a Mic and Connect All to iPhone

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    Wired Molded Ear Buds - Need Help Adding a Mic and Connect All to iPhone

    Hello all - I am attempting to connect my ears and my voice to my iPhone while I ride. I have a Schuberth C3 helmet and have an SRC system which is basically useless because of wind noise - I cannot hear the speakers. I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on custom earbuds which block wind noise and sound wonderful when you plug them directly into the iPhone, but I still need to fill in the blanks and add some kind of microphone inside the helmet that will tie into all of this, so that I can answer a phone call and hang up that phone call. I donít care if itís wired all the way or wireless - I just need to be able to handle calls because of the very long rides that I plan to take. Sooner or later I get a call and I have to take it and Iíd rather not pull to the side and shut down and then use the phone like everybody else. I am grateful for any suggestions you can provide, and thank you in advance!

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    I use the Schuberth SC10U with my C3. Works great with phone calls and Waze audio over bluetooth. Havenít seen a separate mic system.

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    You have a system that allows you to communicate by phone while riding, so why not try to solve the real problem which seems to be excessive wind noise?
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    Iíd recommend getting something like a Sena or Cardo Systems intercom unit that you can plug your earbuds into. My old Sena 20S had a jack in the mount while my Cardo Packtalk Bold has an in-line jack. You get your audio through the earbuds and both systems have noise-cancelling mics.

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    I run custom moulded ear buds to my iPod. I cannot go to answering my phone while riding. I check it at gas stops and thatís usually the only time I stop often 10+ hours a day. I figure people can wait a couple of hours for me to return a call.
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    Cardo connects directly

    As Fastman noted, easiest to buy something that you can just plug into. The Cardo Packtalk system that I use comes with a microphone and speakers and my ear buds plug into the Cardo helmet speaker system jack without modifications. On my latest helmet I didn't even bother to install the helmet speakers because I always use the ear buds anyway and the helmet speakers just clutter the helmet with (now) unused wiring.

    I use the Cardo Pactalk as the central unit that my other devices bluetooth link to, including the Nav VI GPS and my phone. The Nav VI GPS announces phone calls on its screen and I can tap the screen to answer. Works pretty well.

    I tried a number of ways to get the wind noise down to enable good communications but the only thing that really worked was ear buds. I now use Splugs (link below) which cost around $100 but work pretty well. I formerly used a Schuberth C3 Pro, supposedly a quiet helmet, but it still had way too much wind noise for me without earbuds. Now I can use a definitely "noisy" helmet "Bell MX-9" because I like more ventilation, but the ear buds make everything OK in spite of increased wind noise, though the increased wind noise does impact the microphone and makes it harder for other riders to hear me well when going fast.

    [The MX-9 helmet, though noisy, has some trick features, like a variable darkness "Transitions" faceshield, a visor, and also can fit an electrically heated faceshield (intended for snowmobiles) in the winter. I haven't used the electric feature yet, but I have wired my bike for it. Waiting for a cold, rainy day. Having a visor is great, both for sun, and when the facewhield is retracted it is protected by the visor, and unlikely to be scratched.]

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