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Thread: Looking for headlight assembly for 52 R68 & front wheel for 55 R50

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    Looking for headlight assembly for 52 R68 & front wheel for 55 R50

    Have nice/running/triple match Bmw Verified R68.
    PO restored in late 70ís with headlight bucket & speedo from /2.
    Have nice running 55 R50 with incorrect front wheel.
    Looking for both.
    Price pending condition.
    Not interested in reproduction/might as well run whatís on there

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    You might try posting something in the at top of page. Buying/selling in the forum area is not permitted.

    You might contact Vech or Richard at Bench Mark Works...see if the might have any suggestions.

    BTW...I'm going to edit the title from R58 to R68. R68s are nice sought after bikes!
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