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Thread: Seat Optons R850R

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    Seat Optons R850R

    I'd like to replace my 2 piece seat with somethin a bit more conventionally designed. The rider portion has me quite locked in with no wiggle room. While the passenger seat is quite long and unused. I need to keep the low riding position and be able to stretch out a bit. Would a seat from another BMW with better ergonomics fit? Or other suggestions please?

    I like the look and design of the R1100S seat does anyone know or think the pan would or could be adapted??

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    Somebody did some carving on my 850 seat foam, but so far it works well for me...even with my short legs. Someone on ADV has an 1100 that they added a rear mount plat off of a GS in place of the rear seat. Looks interesting. I'm hoping to hear from said person as I may want to try that too.
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