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Thread: How do these grip bolts work? R1100rsll or how to screw up a throttlemeister instal

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    How do these grip bolts work? R1100rsll or how to screw up a throttlemeister instal

    Trying to instal some throttlemeisters bar ends on the red beauty but it seems as I tighten up the throttlemeister itís just pulling the grip insert out. Is there a trick to getting this thing to stay in one place.

    I think the grip insert had previously torn the wires off the heated grips causing a blown fuse on that circuit.
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    Throttlemeister bar ends installation

    Here's a link to instructions. Hope it is helpful. If heat still works make sure to have the grips well heated (on high) when adjusting the friction point. Key seems to be the phillips screws just inboard of the turn signal cancelling tabs.
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    It seem more to do with the insert in the bar moving or being loose when tightened down.

    I can instal the bar end but when I engage the throttlemeister it just pulls the insert out.

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