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Thread: 2007 R1200R Crash Damage

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    2007 R1200R Crash Damage

    I was on my way to work one fine morning when Bambi (fortunately not his mom or dad) decided to cross the road. Don't know how he fared, I broke my collar bone, cracked 4 ribs, and had a pneumothorax that earned me 3 nights in the hospital. Of course I had PL/PD on the bike, so all the damage is mine to bear. The fork and frame appear to be straight, broke mirrors and master cylinders/reservoirs, a lot of cosmetic damage, and the instrument panel is now about 2,000 tiny bits of metal and plastic. All the remaining lights work.

    The starter won't turn, even though it's in neutral. Is that likely because the instrument panel is gone? I hate to have the dealer install one of those $1300 plus labor) only to find there's a lot more wrong.

    Any body got experience of crash reparability of these bikes? Both valve covers are scraped up, but no leakage (static) or signs of deformation.

    And if anybody asks if a helmet and armored jacket are worth wearing... I can now say yes with evidence to back it up.
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    Great you survived
    At the bikes age, I would probably check for used parts. Some of the Members are great at locating and recommending places to try for the parts you need.
    As far as the starting, is the red kill switch in the right spot? I canít quite tell from the picture.
    Heal well and get back to riding.
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