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Thread: sea foam

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    Quote Originally Posted by mlytle View Post
    need to add STP and Slick50 to round out the complete mixture....

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    Quote Originally Posted by mlytle View Post
    need to add STP and Slick50 to round out the complete mixture....
    I remember when STP had a “coin” dollar inside each “dealership” can as an incentive for those servicing vehicles to “sell” STP.
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    Seaforam, humm?

    Quote Originally Posted by swall View Post
    If you check the MSDS, you will see the Sea Foam contains IPA ( isopropyl alcohol) and a small amount of secret ingredient. IPA is also used in Heet additive. Heet has been on the market for decades.
    Isopropyl, as in alcohol derived additives, apparently combines with water to make a combustible solution, hence winter/storage fuel additives that are basically alcohol. Up here in the great white north, they change, with additives, the composition of gas from summer to winter to facilitate cold starting and running. Sea foam, like Techron, works to, among other things, neutralize water in the fuel and add a bit of lubrication. I use it in my snow blower and garden tractor because I'm too lazy to drain the gas tanks and waste what's in them. In the old days, we used to have fuel get "skunky" from sitting around too long, but in this day and age that doesn't seem to be a problem. It seems that gas, especially treated with Sea Foam, will sit for several months and still be ok (all anecdotal and not at all scientific).

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    Quote Originally Posted by mlytle View Post
    need to add STP and Slick50 to round out the complete mixture....
    Reminds me of Ez Berg of the seat making fame. He used Castrol R (bean oil) as a gas additive. I don't know if it did anything or not but you could sure smell it when he started his bike!

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    oil thread !!!

    Boy it seems like I have started something !,well some I nodded my head at, some I scratched my head at ,and others I laughed my head off !!!but I thank all for the input, will put some in the tank this week as my son and I are off to the Haliburton highlands ontario, this weekend hope there,s no smoke trail, we used to put cod liver oil captules into the gas tank of our british twins back in the day mine a 1962 bsa RGS replica, to make them smell like castrol R racing oil ,once again thanks to everyone Jimmy

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    I've been following this thread, but still fail to see how adding some frothy salt water from a breaking wave is going to help my motorcycle engine run better???

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