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Thread: Stop Sale Transmission 2016 2018 all K1600

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    Quote Originally Posted by lkraus View Post
    It might not be terrible. The K1600 uses a "cassette" transmission design, so the gears and shafts can be slid out of the bike without splitting the crankcase or tearing the bike in two - unlike the R bikes.
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    Still, lots of little bits to be removed in preparation:
    Preparatory work
    Removing gearbox cover
    Removing left bottom side panel
    Removing left radiator cowl
    Removing left side panel
    Removing left stowage compartment
    Removing right bottom side panel
    Removing right radiator cowl
    Remove the right side panel
    Removing carrier for right bottom side panel
    Removing right drop-protection pad
    Removing left catalytic-converter shield
    Disengaging clamp on left silencer
    Removing left silencer
    Removing right crankcase cover
    Removing clutch
    Removing number-plate carrier
    Remove the rear wheel
    Removing rear brake caliper
    Disengaging shift lever
    Removing left footrest plate
    Disengaging gearbox potentiometer
    Removing clutch slave cylinder
    Remove the pushrod
    Disengaging mounted parts from gearbox
    Disengaging actuator rod from rear ride height sensor
    Releasing Paralever link at rear
    Lowering bevel gears
    Disengaging universal shaft

    Core activity
    Removing gearbox

    I suppose the techs have (or will find) some shortcuts in that list. The RepROM shows 38 Flat Rate Units to prep, remove, strip and re-assemble the gearbox, which includes dis-assembly of every shaft, bearing and gear. Google tells me a FRU can be anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes - it has changed over the years and is different for service and warranty work. I'll guess it will be a 3-5 hour job after the tech has done one or two.

    The time to simply remove and replace the gearbox on my '06 RT is 54 FRUs, without actually opening it up.
    I've seen the Technical Service Bulletin and I think it's more involved than you describe. I tried to post it, but it wouldn't upload.

    They have to disassemble the gearbox with special tools apparently designed for the recall and required video training.

    I was looking to buy a new K1600 with the end of model year sales, but I'm having second thoughts about buying a new bike that requires the dealer to crack open the transmission.

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    Some more information from the NHTSA Recall website:

    Latest document is 2/7/2020.
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