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Thread: 2010 R1200RT crickets/hissing noise from front tire

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    2010 R1200RT crickets/hissing noise from front tire


    Wondering what would be causing the sound of crickets / hissing sound from the front tire? Wheel bearing going bad? It does sound like a brake pad is stuck against the rotor but that doesn't seem to be the case. The sound gets louder/faster with speed.

    I have michelin road 5s on front/rear with probably 1,000 miles on them.


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    Welcome to the forum, Brent! Does it make these noises when you turn the wheel by hand in your driveway?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 20774 View Post
    Welcome to the forum, Brent! Does it make these noises when you turn the wheel by hand in your driveway?
    It does. I put it on the center stand and spun the front wheel. The wheel does not rock side to side so I'm confident bearing is fine. The noise is definitely different but it's most likely due to it not spinning at 40mph I suppose. I guess something is rubbing the rotor.

    I'm also guessing that's normal for this bike? Hearing cicadas buzzing while you ride?

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    support the front wheel off of the ground, push back BOTH caliper pads on BOTH calipers and spin the front back...

    Road 5s are a noisy tire, but at slow speeds, hardly noticeable....

    FTR, i changed my front wheel bearings and it made a huge difference at about 100,000 miles!!!


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    Wheel Bearing Source?

    Wyman, what was your selection for wheel bearings? Amazon? BMW Dealership? Somewhere else? With 120,000KMs on my 2010, I think its time for my front wheel bearings. They are making a bit of noise when riding in a straight line, but less noise when leaned into a corner.

    Any other recommendations for a good source of wheel bearings? SKF or other?

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    Last time I needed wheel bearings on my FJR I bought from these guys. Quick and good products and they cover BMW.
    Marc Kitts
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