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Hey Chuck,
I passed through your beautiful state on my way to Cali last summer. Lucky you to live out that way!
I now ride a 1600 GT - after putting 70K on my Harley Superglide. I think Rinty is right - I tended to stall a lot also when I started with the GT for a couple of reasons. Harley has five gears GT has 6, sometimes didn't downshift all the way. I could probably get it off in second gear but wasn't revving high enough. I still occasionally stall when the hill start control is operational. Same reason - RPMs not high enough. Anyway, definitely a different machine and I enjoy riding it!
Happy trails.
Hey pearl54-

MT is beautiful, but so is a lot of CA. I would trade some of the MT's beauty for the longer CA riding season.

Mostly agree on shifting issues. My Road Glide is a 6 speed. If your Superglide had a 5 speed it must have been a pre-2006 model - Dyna went with a 6 speed in '06. Nice bikes. I do think Rinty hit the nail. I have been watching the RT's rpms and have been having smoother take offs - I do still stall or choke when in "Hill Start" too. There is a big difference in the low end torque of the Road Glide and the RT. At idle on the Road Glide (1100 (?) rpms) if I slowly let the clutch out with no additional throttle, the bike will start rolling w/o hesitation. With the RT that would be a stall. lol.

They are different machines. I am not familiar with the GT, but my RT is a great ride sounds like the GT is too. I took the Road Glide out the other day and I have to admit I will miss the Harley sound after I sell it.