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Thread: Anyone know how to get something large shipped?

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    Anyone know how to get something large shipped?

    I'm looking at trying to get a lift table shipped to me. It is used, so it's not on a pallet. Normally, I'd drive up and get it, but I'm not allowed to drive until my foot is healed. It's about 500 miles away from me and weighs 700lbs. What sort of company should I look for? Are their freight companies that will pack and palletize cargo for shipping?

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    Call Old Dominion, Yellow Freight, or any of the umpteen hundred of the LTL freight carriers. It would be fantastic if it is on a pallet, strapped down, or disassembled into a manageable bundle....500 miles ought to come in less than $100......Good luck....

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    You might try one of the moving companies. They handle one-off items. Van shows up at the point of origin and the lift table will be padded and loaded into the moving van. These type of moves work on space available, truck available, so you might have a wait for it to be picked up and shipped.

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