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Thread: Cam tensioner gasket - '14 R1200RT

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    Quote Originally Posted by strataj View Post
    ...How do you line it up if not to center?
    The way that Boxflyer explained it to me is that you point the line at the left side of the notch, so that the line intersects the point at which the notch begins. Why?

    Given the precision of the other aspects of this procedure, I found the sensor alignment process to be somewhat arbitrary. My conclusion is that consistency from side to side is the important thing, and that the engine computer will adjust as necessary for precise ignition timing. Still, it seems to me that there should be a better way. For example, why not place two lines on the matching parts, rather than a line and a somewhat vague notch?

    Here's a link to a less expensive torque adapter for those who are considering this task:

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    Part On Amazon

    Looks like the part is available on Amazon:

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    As stated at the start of this thread I recently checked and adjusted my Cam Timing. I just got back from a 2225 sMiles trip, I can say it's made a difference in starting the bike. It's starts on the first touch and sooner. Worth checking in my option.

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