I am getting conflicting signals on when this rally in North Vernon, IN is....I have down on my phone calendar 09/27 - 09/29. But, the recent MOA magazine shows an ad saying 09/20 - 09/22 then in the "When and Where" section is says 09/27 - 09/29. Then I go to Hoosier Beemer's web site and it says 09/27 - 09/29 but says the "33rd" annual rally and the MOA magazine says "34"...one also says $30 and the other says $35!!. I don't care about which anniversay it is nor the price, I just want to confirm when it is. I am betting on the 09/27 - 09/29 dates and hope I am right because we have the grandkids this weekend! Thanks in advance to anyone who clarifies this.