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Thread: K75 Handlebars

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    K75 Handlebars

    K75s came with three different handlebars;

    Short which had a 2 3/4" rise and only came on the K75S (and the K100RS). These are known as the S bars. The very early S bars (before 9/87) were 1/2" narrower than the later ones.

    Medium which has a 4" rise and came on some K75 standards, Ts, and Cs. These are known as C bars.

    Tall which has a 7 1/2" rise and came on all RTs, some standards, Ts and Cs. These are known as RT bars.

    If you don't have an S or an RT, it will have C or RT bars depending on how it was ordered.

    It was a common swap for less flexible (read older) S riders to add C bars for a more upright riding position. But the problem with this swap is the stock S switch pad will not fit properly with C bars. A&S Cycles (Sacramento,CA) makes barbacks specifically for early K bikes that put the stock S bars approximately where the C bars would be (1 5/8" up and 1 5/8" back) and have provisions to mount the switch pad properly (unlike almost any other barbacks). It is a much easier and cleaner installation as you don't have to strip the grips and all the controls off the bars. 15 minute install. HIGHLY recommended.

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