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Thread: BMW's Too top heavy for older riders?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pappy35 View Post
    What about the R1250RS? I just noticed them and with cases it seems like it would be a good, if not great, sport-touring mount.
    Yes it is. I've had the R1200RS version since May of 2016 and love it. The R1250RS has several tweeks to improve it beyond the more power and torque. It is significantly lower C of G and weighs substantially less than an RT. I've added 1 bar risers and foot peg lowering kit to help unfold my 73 year old body. I also put on a little wider, not higher, wind screen to help with rain management.

    The only thing that would be better would be a version that would be 50-75 lbs lighter. I'd be more than willing to accept 90-100hp engine but would want to keep the excellent suspension and features.

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    I never paid any attention to the RS because I simply hated that asymmetric headlight but the redesign is a whole different thing. I really like it.
    '13 R1200RT 90th Anniversary Edition

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