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Thread: TFT / Modular Helmet / Comms

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    TFT / Modular Helmet / Comms

    I will shortly be getting an R1250RS! I also need a new helmet, was planning on a system 7 with integrated BMW communication module. Discovered today that my head shape doesnít fit in the System 7! Fallback was Neotec 2. However Neotec 2 is designed for Sena SLR comms. As I understand it, With the SLR I can connect to the TFT and everything will work except volume control from the wonder wheel. Otherwise I can get the BMW universal comms unit and stick it to the side of my new helmet - because of the shape of the Neotec it will be pretty far back/awkward to use. Basically I donít like either option. Thoughts?

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    I can't speak to the RT crowd, but the majority of K1600 riders I know by-pass the bike's comm system. Instead they use either Cardo or Sena bluetooth headsets paired with phone/NAV and SR10/SM10 for other bluetooth devices.

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    Interesting, thanks. Don’t think the Ks have the TFT though.

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    When I purchased my 2015 R1200RT, the dealer gave me 25% off any accessories, so I bought two Schuberth C3 Pro helmets (me and my wife) and BMW Communication Systems for each helmet. The intercom system has worked well, but I've always been really disappointed with the music fidelity through the system. This is because it's only a 2.0 Bluetooth generation vs. the standard now being 4.0. If the new system hasn't been updated, I would avoid it.

    I have a Cardo JBL system in the Arai I use for off road riding. IMHO, it is far superior to the BMW system (4.0 Bluetooth) and if I were purchasing a new system for my RT, I would definitely go with the Cardo and avoid the built in RT radio system.
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    Good to know! Thanks.

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    I have the Shoei Neotec with the Sena s20 linked up to the TFT and Nav 6 and it works great... as long as it is all paired correctly.. I found this on YouTube works perfect in this order...

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    Any Luck With XM to Headset?

    I had issues with the Cardo Scala and trying to get my XM from the bike to the headset. Anyone have any tips?

    This one specifically:

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    Quote Originally Posted by millerj0545 View Post
    I had issues with the Cardo Scala and trying to get my XM from the bike to the headset. Anyone have any tips?

    This one specifically:
    This is the best resource I have yet to find on pairing a headset to the TFT & GPS.. hope it helps

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