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Thread: Draining your bike's oil - hot or cold?

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    Here's a thought. Take two identical motorcycles and ride them for the same distance to fully warm the oil. Park them. Remove the drain plug from one bike, but let the other fully cool down, then remove its drain plug. Both bikes have had hot oil drain into the sump. The only difference is that the plugs were removed at different times. I have a hard time imagining how there could be much difference. I'd like to see the methodology used in the experiment. Old habits die hard, but I'd enjoy being convinced that cold is better.

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    I find it hard to believe that less oil drained out when hot, unless they pulled the plug for 10 minutes and stuck it back in.
    I always drain hot, I always will, I don't give a rats a$$ what some magazine says. Particulate in the oil will settle out, after a good ride it is all mixed up. Also I generally pull the plug and let it drain for a few hours or over night. I have more than one motorcycle, it might sit a week with the plug out. I don't believe and oil change on a cold engine will get out more oil than a week long drain. I might believe there is no difference between hot and cold, but to say cold is better? Nope, not buying it.
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