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Thread: 2018 Grand America-Packtalk Bold

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    2018 Grand America-Packtalk Bold

    I have 2018 Grand America. I have packtalk linked to my S10+ i have a bluetooth reciever also paired to phone with auxilary out plugged into aux in on bike. I want music to play both from headset and from bike speakers. the problem is that when music plays, the sound out of headset speakers is about 1/2 second behind the sould coming out of the bike speakers. this is no good. does anyone know how to sync the sound? BMW's bluetooth is sh...... and the Nav V does not take streaming music. Go figure....Any help would be appreciated..............d

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    Welcome to the forum! This stuff is a little out of my wheelhouse, but there have been some discussions lately about Packtalk. I wonder if it could be pairing issue. Here's recent thread on that:

    Don't know if that helps much, but a place to start.
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    The problem is a multipath issue where one path is simply longer, more complex, or more buffered than the other. Your ears (your brain really) is incredibly sensitive to misaligned audio, so this is not a simple problem to solve as any additional signal path may be enough to throw off the sync between the speakers and helmet. You could get lucky -enough- if you switch pairing order, move to a system where more of the path is the same (motochello bridge + multi-channel transmitter) or any system where you can bring the two paths closer together. Ideally you want the bike and the helmet to be playing from the same signal chain (same audio output from the same processing components).

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