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Thread: Off to a rocky restart

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    Off to a rocky restart

    I bought my 4th BMW in as many decades earlier this year, '95 R1100RS with a couple issues, preceded by (2) /6s and a short lived K1100... with my work schedule I entrusted a guy I've known nearly 30 years to service the bike, replace the tires and all the fuel line. I had a great 70 mile ride home, topped off the tank 30 miles shy, on arrival I found fuel leaking/pouring out of the drain line (ruptured inside the tank)- apparently my acquaintance translated "all the fuel line" to "all the fuel line that's easy to get to"... I have no plan to trust this guy again. Nearby dealers out of stock... what I ordered was advertised as SAE30R10 but has no such marking, despite assurances I am not inclined to install it inside my tank. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks

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    Sorry to hear about your troubles, CANTDANCE. But, on the bright side

    Welcome to the forum!

    Someone will undoubtedly come along soon with some info that will help you out. This forum always comes through on the tough technical issues.

    Good luck.
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    Hi, CD, and welcome aboard!

    R10 is the right stuff; if it isn't marked, it'll depend entirely on how much you trust the source... and if you can't, just go on down to your FLAPS (friendly local auto parts store - it does Not "have to" come from BMW) and get some replacement hose and save the other stuff for "outside" and "not under fuel injection's pressure". Have to wonder also if the new lines were actually hooked up correctly, and with the "flat" clamps and not the serrated ones... Get a new O-ring for the pump assembly cover before you take it apart again, and be gentle with that assembly as you remove & re-install it (do not over-torque those little screws); note its orientation by drawing a little short line with a marker across the flange & the tank.

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