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Thread: Tupperware Screws Source 2018 R1200RT

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    Quote Originally Posted by gride View Post
    Would love to buy some extra Tupperware Screws.
    Try Fastenal

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    Does anybody have a road map to screw placement?

    I bought my bike used, with 64,000 miles and there are a few I suspect are not correctly placed.

    I got it all back together, but I am sure some are in the wrong spots.

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    Courtesy of BoxFlyer

    Quote Originally Posted by jstrube View Post
    Does anybody have a road map to screw placement?
    There are links at the bottom of the BoxFlyer videos...
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    Quote Originally Posted by cap View Post
    There are links at the bottom of the BoxFlyer videos...
    Thanks much, that saves some time.
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    Proprietary on my 2017 RT and previous RT's...

    If you have already noticed BMW goes to great lengths to make sure that the parts on these bike are as proprietary as possible and therefore can only be sourced from them. They aren't always successful but in the case of screws, electrical connectors, nuts etc. that is how they are able to charge some pretty outrageous prices for bits and pieces, because you just can't get them from anyone else. In all my many years of bikes and cars I have never encountered anyone else doing this so much or as well as BMW does.

    In fact, I am convinced that they have a whole department devoted to just making what should be a regular multisourced part only sourceable from BMW! Admittedly this plays well from my ever increasing paranoia, but when your bike has a spark plug that only fits this bike and oil in a non widely standard grade (now I can't keep using my trusty Mobil 1 brand bike oil anymore) it makes me believe that's their goal. What's next, tires that only fit this bike and only made by BMW? It wouldn't surprise me.

    If the proprietary bend always resulted in a superior product I might not mind so much. But when they install a total POS radio receiver with bluetooth from 2005 that only works properly when you buy their systems it's hard to tolerate. Why doesn't my bike have a flashing brake light and blind spot warning like all their cars do?

    I feel a rant coming on...
    Bill in Highlands Ranch, CO
    2012 R1200RT

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