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Thread: BMW Motorrad Roadside App

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    BMW Motorrad Roadside App

    Hi guys

    I did a quick search and didnít really find anything on this issue. If there is something, please point it out and accept my apology for starting a new annoying thread.

    I bought my GTL in March 2018. When I did, through some means, I downloaded the BMW motorcycle roadside assistance app. I believe this hooked me up with Allstate roadside assistance in some form. I do recall using it once or at least I thought I did when the bike broke down on me at 1500 miles and they saved the day. That said, I was trying to access the app yesterday and kept getting errors. So, I deleted it and went to re-download it to see if that would clear the error for an update and now I canít find the app on the iOS App Store.

    Does anybody have this app, and if so does it work, or do you know what happened to it?

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    I didn't find a app in the Play Store on my Android phone.

    The only thing I had was the Roadside Assistance Program phone number.
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