So... I'm doing the routine maintenance work on my '04 K1200GT for the first time. So far so good. Oil and filter change, transmission and final drive oil change, coolant change. And plugs. And valves.

Ordered a set of Bosch XR7LDC plugs online from a reputable BMW parts dealer. Was slightly cheaper than Beemer Boneyard, otherwise the same. Or apparently so.

So the plugs arrive today and I pull the old ones. And I notice that the old ones, installed by the dealer 12k miles ago, are SUPER XR7LDCs and they have green bands on the ceramic insulator body. The ones I just received lack the "SUPER" and they have blue bands. Closer look: green-bands made in Brazil, blue-bands made in India.

I'm probably putting way too fine a point on this, but anyone know if there's really any difference, and if so, what? The SUPER version (green bands) are apparently the original factory OEM parts.


~ Corey