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Thread: R1100 S "Race Prep" Model what was it

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    R1100 S "Race Prep" Model what was it

    Can anyone tell me what came with or left off the R1100 S "Race Prep" models
    Was it special Order
    or did the dealers add it ??

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    Race prep? Do you mean the Boxer Cup edition? If yes, the differences were paint, shorter torque arm on the paralever, steering damper, various carbon bits, belly pan, 6" rear wheel. Factory built.
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    This is more of an answer than you got on Pelican Parts.
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    A friend has one of the R1100RS Boxer Cup bikes if that is what you are referring to. They're a nice bike that likely has a little more power than advertised.

    Here is part of the Wikipedia writeup:
    ...The BoxerCup Replika (or "BCR"), was available from 2003-2005. The BCR had twin Laser under-seat exhausts, braided brake lines, carbon-fibre cylinder head protectors, a carbon-fibre oil-catcher bellypan, uprated Íhlins suspension, and a shorter paralever torque arm which raised the rear end to quicken the steering and increase cornering clearance.[15][16] Later BoxerCup and Sport models had matte black engines, with the cylinders and cylinder heads remaining silver.

    The raised suspension of the BCR increased cylinder head cornering clearance (compared to the standard R1100RS), but this somewhat compromised the motorcycle for normal town/road use.

    The BCR came with a standard engine management chip which was changed for a modified chip at the first dealer service. Despite the different chip, the Replika claimed no more power than the standard R1100S nor the Sport.
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    I think the Preps were basically BCRs without the graphics and belly pan, which makes them pretty much like the Sport (no centerstand, sport suspension) but they weren't Sports, they were different. Not much help, I know, but there was such thing as a Prep.
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    Preps and BCRs are different.

    BCRs were race replikas with fancy bits and a much higher price than a regular R1100S. Most things were cosmetic, but there were a few go fast parts on various versions such and higher Showa suspension aforementioned short torque arm, mine has factory Lazer exhaust cans, a 1/2 inch wider rear wheel and a few other bits including a super expensive belly pan and carbon fiber valve cover covers. Power might have been up a little on a regular 1100S, but not by much. These things were not made to race, they were race replica street bikes.

    My understanding of the preps is they were sort of stripped down and cheaper than the regular R1100S, if you were actually going to race you would choose this over a Replika because you would save $4k, perhaps more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bikerboy108 View Post
    Can anyone tell me what came with or left off the R1100 S "Race Prep" models
    Was it special Order
    or did the dealers add it ??
    Why are you asking...??

    Are you interested in a BCR 1100S or ?

    The BCR and the 1100S came in a variety of configurations along with paint depending on how you order the bike.
    They were considered an endurance race bike, i.e. the race version, in their time.

    As a Sport/Touring moto they work well, but they're more on the Sport side.

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    Yes, just a stripper. You can take to the bank the drivetrain is the same.
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