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Thread: More brake

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    More brake

    On a 1995 R1100RS I am replacing brake line, and other stuff on a bike in 50,000 miles ballpark and I have some questions on front calipers.



    Pads are removed, center pin replaced.
    My question should all these pins be nice clean and shiny? I assume the answer is yes, the two outside pins appear to hold the two halves of calipers together if I remove them to clean them up do I have to rebuild calipers? Other option soft brush and a couple of cans of brake cleaner along with eye protection and gloves and clean away with out removing pins

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    I thinking rebuilding them with the age they are would be a good idea. Other than that, just a clean up with an old tooth brush and brake clean should do it.
    From the only real Fargo, ND!

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