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Thread: 2009 K1200LT Starting Issue

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    2009 K1200LT Starting Issue

    My 2009 K1200LT was running fine. I turned it off and it will not start.
    Everything lights up but the starter will not in-gauge. I replaced the battery to be safe but no change. No bumping or any action from the starter. Trailered the bike to the dealer, they swapped a number of parts with another LT with no luck. Finally they bypassed the luggage lock button and the bike started. After 4 starts and the ride home the issue has returned. Back to the dealer, we are at a loss on a solution. It is like a safety switch is sending a false reading.

    I have 6 bikes and ride regularly. This is my first issue with this bike in 10 years. My LT has carried me from Florida to Alaska and back.

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    Did you see the one thread on a similar bike/issue in the Similar Threads pane at the bottom of the screen?
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    Please always include the YEAR and model of the bike IN THE TITLE of any thread you start in this forum. It really helps in many ways. I've added it to this thread for you.



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