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Thread: 1981 R100RT windshield

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    1981 R100RT windshield

    I just got done working behind the dash on the wiring and riveted the dash and rubber trim. I would like some thoughts about remounting the windscreen. My friend and I tried several different ways and came up short. Bill

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    Can you upload some pictures of where you're at? Here's a shot of the parts per the RealOEM parts pictures:

    There seem to be a lot of holes in the bottom edge of the glass...not sure what that's all about.

    Found some older threads:
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    Stock unit

    On the stock windshield there are the two center holes in which the plate number 3 is mounted. See diagram Kurt provided.
    This plate goes on the outside of the shield and the washer and nuts numbers 4, 5, and 6 go behind the fairing lip and the dashboard. By far this is the biggest pain in the #)$, of installing the whole thing. Getting the two nuts and washers started in a limited space. I have used a flex head ratchet and a short socket threaded up from the headlight hole or the back of the dash, if I have someone helping.

    The other mounting plates numbers 8 mount on the two corners of the shield. The extra holes in the bottom of the screen are for the rubber do hickies in the rubber gasket to push into.

    I found on my clear view shield the rubber doo hickies do not fit or stay in the extra holes as they should and I have long stopped bothering to try to force them to do so.

    Clear as mud, right? LOL. With two people it is not all that hard to do especially if one of the two have small hands. St.

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    1981 R100rt windshield

    I am sorry, my friend and I were struggling with the rubber nubs on the trim. Bill

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    Hey Bill,

    I have never been able to get my plugs in the trim to stay plugged in. I have a Clearview shield. St.

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