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Thread: 1982 R65 Starter Does Not Stop Running

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    1982 R65 Starter Does Not Stop Running

    Fellow Airheads,

    Some of you may remember my 1982 BMW R65 with VM34 Mikuni Carbs:

    Anyways, I've had so much fun riding around. The major problems I am having right now is:

    The starter does not shut off when cranked over (usually when bike is warm)
    After a long ride, I parked outside my garage. When it was time to move her in, I fired her up, and the starter kept cranking (even with killswitch: OFF and key: OUT). What's going on here?

    Odometer is broken
    Nothing is moving on the odometer and the tripometer HARDLY increases.
    Is there something I could check?
    If I wanted to get a new odometer/dashboard setup, do you guys have any suggestions?

    Bike stumbles at 900 RPM when initially fired, after 10 minutes, it idles at 1100 RPM
    Basically, the bike is: fire her up and GO. This is OKAY, but I gotta stay revving at stop lights for 10+ minutes. Occasionally, it will stumble and shut off so I have to play this delicate game of keeping 1000+ RPM until its warm.
    I could rotate in my idle screws to hold an idle from cold, but then the idle will sit @ 1250+ RPM when its warm. Any suggestions?
    NOTE: These are Mikunis!

    Rear brake light does not light when pressing rear brake pedal
    Not the biggest deal because I can use my front brakes, but I'd like to start looking at electrical components. Where do I start?

    Blue skies,

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    The starter does not shut off
    Could be the starter relay which only allows to start the engine if either in neutral or clutch pulled. It is directly connected to the battery - unswitched and unfused.

    If that relay 'hangs' the only way to stop the starter is to disconnect the battery.

    Replace the relay! I think it is the relay with the yellow plastic cover under the tank.

    Rear brake light
    1. Bulb OK?
    2. Break light bulb socket has good contact to chassis?
    3. Check break light switch behind the foot pedal.
    4. Check the fuses - one is for the brake light.

    2017 F700GS

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    When cold or just at idle, the Mikunis may be jetted wrong - check the number on your pilot jets. Also verify that the choke actually goes all the way on and all the way off.
    Do you have their "pocket tuner"?
    You can also download their VM tuning manual (.pdf) directly from their website.
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