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Thread: Down the Rabbit hole on a 1998 K1200RS

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    Down the Rabbit hole on a 1998 K1200RS

    Not sure if I am posting this for the question or sympathy. Took 98 K 1200RS in for 36K and tires. Fairly big service as you know. Shop called to say after the service they found a radiator leak- $400 part - well go ahead, then called with intermediate seal leak- guess not a surprise but--now up to $4K on a $2500 bike. Next call was notchy bearings and other seals--into it now...go ahead. Last call was timing cover gasket- $600 labor. Now I have $6K into a $2500 bike. I don't think they did the timing cover gasket yet- just saw the oil on Friday. Tempted to stop the bleeding and skip it--I can buy a lot of oil for $600....but seems that we are deep into it and the bike is all apart....I am 70 years old- not likely to ride the value out of it.

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    Welcome to the forum.
    I had the timing chain cover leak fixed on warranty.
    Most of the timing chain cover leaks I have seen were mirror and they would not be a big deal to just clean off from time to time.
    The rear seal has to be fixed because it can ruin the clutch. Hopefully your clutch is still ok.
    If I was you I would stop answering the phone

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    K1200RS rabbit hole

    Thanks, Lee. clutch was ok In for a penny....will have them finish it off and take it for enough long rides to get my money out of it....I now have a restored K1200RS....God knows I spent as much money in 80's dollars on airheads....

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    If you love the bike, and have the bucks, fix it and keep riding. Just don't let the wife see the totals.

    You probably don't need me telling you, but a smarter move would have been, when the first big estimate came in, to look at your options. Good low-mile K12RSs can be had for under $3000 now. K1200GTs, too. Of course given their age, there is no guarantee that their rear main seals won't be going out on you in short order, unless they've recently been replaced.

    Another option is to find a good, non-dealership mechanic who can do things like replace those seals for less than the umpteen grand that the dealers get.

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    Thanks Jeff. I will pick up my”restored” K1200RS tomorrow and ride like the best $6k bike anyone ever bought! What the heck, enjoy it. I could have traded it on one with its own problems

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    I think that the cost of having these bikes service is bringing down the resale value of the bikes. The last two bike I pick up where for this reason. Both people got sticker shock when they saw what it was going to cost. Both bike had no miles to speak of, and they where always run just no long trips. They both look like new, well taking of not left out in the weather. One just 20 and the other 19

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