I started going to "local" rallies in the midwest and great plains in 1984. For several years we attended more than a dozen up to 16 or so rallies every year. Attendance ranged from one or two hundred to over a thousand. A few were considered "regional" rallies like Finger Lakes. The Iowa Rally and Top of Rockies come to mind. In more than 100 such rallies only a small handful ever had vendors. Falling Leaf, Bavarian Mountain Weekend, and Iowa did some years and not others. That is not what local rallies are for - we have local dealers, Amazon, eBay, and others for that. Rallies are about the people - friends and folks that soon will be. Tech tips around the campfire. Actual work undr a shade tree several times. The Airhead rotor I loaned to people to get them home on five or six occasions, and it always came back in the mail. Rallies are not a shopping trip. They are social events. I am sorry the OP felt differently.