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Thread: 03 R1150R: Tire preasure dolly-llama

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    03 R1150R: Tire preasure dolly-llama

    I have a R1150R that seems to eat tires for sustenance. My suspension was shot so I took advantage of the MOA market place and purchased a set of shocks off a Rockster with only 25000 miles. My shocks had 43000 miles.
    I am aware that most riders say to scrap OEM shocks and upgrade to Wilber or Ohlin. Not being able to so at this time I took the cheap out temporally. My old shocks were like pogo sticks so I had to dial up the damping and preload to excessive levels. I also realize that doing so was a great contributing factor to my tire woe's. The last 2 front tires I put on this bike cupped, I mean really cupped. I live in Illinois and most tire dealers I have spoken to say this is the primary reason for bad cupping. The only place I've ridden that had worse roads was Akron Oh. The replacement of the shocks has improved the ride greatly. I feel reasonably confident that they will get me through the rest of the season. I plan on attending the Falling Leaf Rally in a month and purchased a set of Michelin PR 4 GT tires.
    Now to the real reason I am boring you all. I am a big guy, just sub 300# with system cases and a Givi trunk, so I inflate for 2 up with luggage according to the specs under my seat. 37 lbs front and 42 lbs rear. I recently rewatched a video by the infamous Chris Harris, I think he is very informative and fun, and he says to ignore BMW specs and inflate the front to 42 lbs and the rear to 44 lbs to get the best millage. Last year at Falling Leaf I was cornering to the best of my ability on those wonderful twisties to the point my toes started to drag. I am looking forward to trying again with really good tires and ok suspension. Any feed back on TP would be greatly appreciated.

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    FYI: I do drop the bags when the fun begins.

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    What kind of mileage are you getting from your tires? Mostly highway, city or twisty riding? What brand of tires (not that this should matter)? Riding style - late or early on the brakes?

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    As far as mileage goes, the front has started cupping at 2 to 3 thousand miles. I have been running Continental tires front and rear. I purchased these as that is the tire my local shop carries in my size. Everything else they carry is spotty at best. If you buy a tire from them they will install for $25. As far as braking, I'm probably on the brakes late. I do not have ABS but these brakes are really quite touchy compared to other brands of bikes I have ridden. Don't get me wrong, I love the way this bike performs.

    Over all I haven't run tires more than 6000 miles at best. The front cups and the rear goes square. I commute in the city and try to stay off the interstate. 2 lane highways are much more fun. I have to travel 200 miles or more to find twisties. Illinois is corn and bean territory, flat and straight and I am in the very center of the state. North to Wisconsin or south west to Missouri are my best options for fun riding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by burnbender View Post
    As far as mileage goes, the front has started cupping at 2 to 3 thousand miles.

    If you're commuting in the city a lot, that will contribute to your issue as I imagine you'll be braking fairly frequently as compared to riding the highway. As well, city streets tend to be in worse condition which also doesn't help as your tire will be ever-so-slightly weighted/unweighted while you are on the brakes and going over bumps. I'm running Continental Road Attack 3's on my bike and they have zero cupping and have over 13,000 km / 8,000 miles on them. Running standard pressures of 36/42. I don't spend any time in the city, though, and I have relatively new suspension. I have had similar results with different tires on different BMWs. I typically run dual compound tires - harder in the middle and softer on the sides. The Michelin Road 4 or Road 5 might be an option for you.

    Not sure what to tell you or what advice I can give beyond.....get out of the city, get on those rural 2-lanes and see if you can find a deal on some aftermarket shocks.

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