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Thread: gear oil in rubber boot

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    gear oil in rubber boot

    its the old gear oil in rubber boot.. running synthetic.. took about 2 table spoons out.. should i live with it.. or change over to 80w next time i change.. its not coming from transmission. i know this topic has been covered.. just wondering what you guys think.. thanks , Rich

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    I would install Castrol 80w90 Limited Slip. This is dino oil, it meets specs, has a high sulfur content.

    I would also note that the pinion seals often seep a small amount of oil in 12K miles which I wipe up as part of a major service.
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    Thanks Paul

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    Pauls recomendation is sound.

    I rarely see completely dry units.
    It appears that synthetic oil seeps along the castle nut threads easier than dino.
    Resealing with pipe sealant with teflon on the threads will solve the issue but it it
    requires a special socket along with a holding jig to re&re.
    And the castle nut is TIGHT! I use a 3' breaker bar.
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    Another data point for you..
    My '00 1100RT had a weeping pinion after synthetic oil was put in it at Ozzie's in Chico CA. When I got home I drained it and put in Castrol 80/90 Hypoid Gear Oil, GL5 rating. This is Dino oil. The leaking stopped after going back to what it came with originally. Non synthetic gear oil.
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    thanks for all the input.. i appreciate the feedback.

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