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Thread: Returning Member from PA with a question

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    Returning Member from PA with a question

    Returning member from the 80's. I had a an 1984 R100 then and now have a 2009 GS1200 Adventure I bought with 36000 miles which looks almost new. Question is, how long after a ride should I expect to see my oil level through the sight glass with the bike on the center stand and on level ground? Some times I can see the level and other times it makes me feel like there is too much oil in the sump.

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    Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you back in the family.

    My bike is so different that I cannot answer your question, but I usually wait until the engine is cooled off enough for me to lay my hand on it. By then the oil level sight glass is ready to reed.

    Good luck.
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    Welcome back! Seems this has been discussed in the forum before...I'm sure members who own this bike/engine will drop in with some advice. I would say doing it consistently each time is the heart of the issue.
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    I am aware of reasons why a sight glass might look like the oil is low. Unless on the sidestand with the sight glass on the left side, I now of no reason it should ever look over full, unless it is.
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