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Thread: 2002 R1150RTP engine shuts down

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    Quote Originally Posted by m_stock10506 View Post
    Not a stupid question, but tricky to do. You can check resistance across the primary and the secondary terminals of the coil. But, this will only prove a problem if the coil has failed completely. My own experiences with bad coils has been they only failed when hot, after running for a while. They cool down and the bike starts again, until eventually it won't and you end up stuck somewhere.

    You could take a chance on a used coil on eBay. Buy a new one. Borrow a coil from a friend and see if the problem goes away.
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    Forgot to ask, is this the 1 spark or the later 2 spark model?
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    In my experience, a coil can break down when hot but the symptoms have always showed at hard acceleration when the coil dwell time is at it's lowest.

    An instant stall/stutter when the engine is hot points me to the fuel filter first, fuel pump second and sometimes a relay.

    Unless you are certain you are losing spark when the bike stalls, just take a few seconds and listen to the fuel pump. The sound it makes might give clues.
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