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Thread: Thailand Motorcycle Tours

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    Thailand Motorcycle Tours

    Planning a trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand in February and looking for recommendations. Operator reviews, areas to see, recommended bikes etc. Any comments or recommendations appreciated.

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    Welcome to the forum!
    That sounds like a great trip. Maybe you can follow up with a ride report when you get home.
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    My wife and I were thinking along the same lines. Did some research and the trips look fantastic. Thailand 🇹🇭 is great. There is a European operator out of Chiang Mai with BMW Bikes (contact info below). They offer many sizes of GS’s and are an authorized tour guide by BMW Motorrad. Premium Service and western prices . Hope you do it & let us know how it goes.

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    I have been looking into this as well, and am ready to commit to -something- for Dec 2020.
    Ive been looking at

    anyone use them? They hada booth at the NYC motorcycle show
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