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    Quote Originally Posted by GTRider View Post
    Absolutely. No one is arguing the need for covering, only the type of covering used.

    Absolutely, and just as easily done with a paper envelope covering

    Plastics can also be made from vegetable stock; the source material for plastic is not the issue. What IS at issue is the nasty non-biodegradable tendency of plastic, leading to it sticking around forever as microplastic particles in the water and food supplies of every species on the planet. Hence the pressures now being seen to move away from plastic for single-use products like straws, bottled water, and yes—magazine covers.

    The issue has been raised before, here in the forum and elsewhere, with no visible action or feedback from the powers-that-be as to investigating the possibilities or costs of changing to a paper envelope wrapper. Mostly all it drew was a lot of sniping from those who like their hammers and believe everything is, or should be, a nail. Stuck in the 50s/60s, I guess...

    Exsqeeze me, but is there anything in my post.... posted to answer the OPs question... that asked you for a friggin' lecture?

    Not sure why I am wasting my time because I care about the environment, too... however... I also understand the concept of diminishing returns.

    fwiw, plastic is cheaper than paper, weighs less, takes less space and is moisture-proof and transparent (important factors related to mailing costs and marketing capabilities... and the energy required to manufacture and transport a material. Did you know that it takes about 4 times more energy to make paper? Paper of course can be recycled, but have you studied that industry closely lately?)

    also fwiw, Bioplastics are not a complete answer. Maybe biodegradable plastic is?

    It's really not that big of a deal. People that care so much can just subscribe digitally. Environmental activism isn't all that hard....

    And my June issue? It arrived mangled. In the plastic wrapper...
    So, clearly, one instance damns everything?

    < rant >

    You know, it seems sometimes that our Forum is going pretty much exactly the way our Facebook Group goes... a lot of finger-wagging pedantry in response to honest questions and answers. Yeah, I am known for going on about things like this, but it sure would be great to see a group norm evolve that reduced the amount of anal nannyism in our community. Or... maybe, this type of online interaction is reflective of our brand? I know that this does not happen at our rallies or other meat space interactions. If I were to judge my enjoyment of this club based upon on-line interaction, I would not join. What gives?

    < /rant >
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