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Thread: 1250 Front brakes squeaking

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    1250 Front brakes squeaking

    At low speeds my 2019 1250GSA front brakes squeak and I would like to fix it. I got some CRC Disc Brake Quiet, but I realized that the brakes changed to BMW brand and now I think you have to remove the calipers to take the pads off. I have some service manual information for the 1200, but no specs for the 1250. Can anyone point me to where the service specs are on how to do this job and what the torques are upon reassembly? Thanks!

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    If still under warranty, I would go to the dealer. Welcome aboard.
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    Could be brake dust or crud on rotors, my first though would be put bike on center stand with lots of weight on back to get front wheel off ground, clean rotors and pads with brake cleaner then some aggressive scotch brite pads folded over rotors while I rotated wheel followed up by another blast of brake cleaner


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