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Thread: Hill Stop Activation

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    Quote Originally Posted by stinkypete View Post
    I'm not a fan of the Hill Start Assist on my '16 RT. While the concept is really good, I need to feed it it a huge fist full of throttle to get it to release, and therefore prefer to use the "old school" method of holding on the foot brake.
    Or just give the brake lever a quick pull to release. I prefer that over having to apply more throttle (and clutch!). The concept is great, the release needs some improvement.
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    I use it for both uphill and down hill. For downhill I use it mostly if I need to pull over to the side of the road (an its downhill) and quickly grab something or make an adjustment to my gear and I don't want to shut the bike off. Either way, it take some getting used to disengage in terms of extra throttle.
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    I didn't use it to start on hills, just like other posters it took too much throttle to get it to release. I could do it smoother at less throttle without assistance, just a firm quick squeeze to turn it off, just like the firm quick squeeze to turn it on. I did find it handy to keep the bike stationary when I wanted both feet on the ground and needed to fiddle with gloves, or rest both hands at a light. Especially handy downhill, and I liked having the brake lights on too. When I traded my RT I was surprised to find it wasn't included on my new '16 GSA. It's just a software feature for the (rear) ABS but for some reason BMW couldn't/wouldn't make it available even as a retrofit.
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