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    Hill Stop Activation

    Well, purchased a 2018 RT with Premium Pkg which I understand has Hill Stop on it. Strangely I'm not able to get it to activate on this bike. I watched a YT video where a GS activates it on an off road hill and I realize now that you have to squeeze the brake handle until the symbol is displayed on the dash. I squeezed it quite hard today and held it for at least 10 seconds and no activation symbol. I have the original MSRP sticker and it shows that Hill Stop is on this VIN, but can't figure out how to get it to work. What am I doing wrong? Or, do I need to see the dealer.


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    Welcome to the forum!! I did a search and came up with a few past threads:

    - different bike but might help -

    - another for ideas -
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    Unless it's changed on the 2018, squeezing and holding the brake lever until is how I activate the Hill Stop on my 2015 RT.

    I frankly don't use it very often...I'm so used to just keeping my foot on the rear brake pedal to hold the bike in place.
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    Wow...can't believe that was my first post to the MOA group. I've joined so many forums lately since getting my first BMW, I guess I can't keep them straight. I've from Spokane, and as I mentioned this is my first BMW. So surprised it wasn't a car as I've lusted after a 3-Series for ages.

    Have had the bike for almost 2 weeks and 800 miles. Really enjoying the technology compared to my T120. Suspension on the RT is best to date for me and she is very nimble indeed.

    BTW...TIA is Thank in Advance and not my moniker So thanks for the input.

    Finally, nice to be part of the community and look forward to participating. Will be doing my own MX, so I'm sure this is a valuable resource.

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    You can turn the feature on and off in the menu with the wonder wheel. I remember reading about it somewhere in my owner's manual, but after a quick glance, I did not find that specific part. See if you can scroll though the menu on the bike.
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    I think you have to kind of quickly "double-squeeze" it. Quickly squeeze, release and squeeze and hold hard/lots of pressure. Sorry for some uncertainty, but I haven't used it much. This was talked about very recently, maybe in a different forum, and that's when I figured out I even had it. I didn't have to change any settings. Releasing its hold takes a bit of getting used to.

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