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Thread: R1250 and GS-911 Issues

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    R1250 and GS-911 Issues

    While helping a rider evaluate the AF-XIED on an R1250, I came across several problems with the Realtime Value log that I addressed to Hexcode's Mojo Helpdesk.

    1. The R1250 has three lambda sensors. There is no realtime value column(s) for the third post-catalytic-converter sensor. Can you add columns for that? You are correct. Hexcode will add a column in the Realtime Value log for the third sensor, which is after the catalytic converter.

    2. Lambda Sensor 1 and 2 are both returning 0 mV. He collected all realtime values and it looks like the Lambda Control Factors (Lambda Bank?) are operating so that means the O2 sensors are working normally. You're right but it is not a bug. The R1250 ECU does not report Lambda Sensor Voltages. Me: That's too bad for us riders, Lambda Sensor voltage was one of the most useful data sets that the ECU reported to GS-911.

    3. The Lambda Bank column on most other BMW realtime logs shows only a 1 or a 0. On this bike it has values that look the same as the column (missing) that was titled Lambda Control factors. Is that a bug or just a change by BMW? . Yes, that is a bug which we will fix in the next release. The column should be labeled Lambda Control Factor. Me: This is a short term fueling trim. Without Lambda Sensor Voltages any more, we will have to rely on this to determine if a bike is in Closed Loop and that Closed Loop is functioning correctly.

    4. I noticed that the is a Lambda Ceramic Temperature Lambda Sensor Heater Current columns for each sensor. Is that new or are you just starting to report that? Yes, that is new. We believe that it is being reported in preparation for Euro 5 emissions.

    So that's the current story. If any riders in this forum can communicate with BMW technical support, it would be great if they could be encouraged to add Lambda Sensor Voltages back into the BMSX ECU.

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