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Thread: INDY BMW Motorcycle Dealer Closing 8/31/19

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    Quote Originally Posted by dfisher1 View Post
    No argument there, I didnít choose the name, just relaying information... The Middletown dealership is much closer for me then riding to Columbus for service.... Also donít have to ride the Interstate and battle the trucks !!!!!

    LOL....I know ... just like our airport, is actually in Kentucky....

    I stopped by Moto-Ohio once, nice dealer as far as 'display' goes....never did any business with them though. Parts needed I bought from Indy .... For paint I dealt with Holt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 36654 View Post
    "We will continue to carry and sell pre-owned bikes....."

    Hmm.....seems there's a part of the business that's of interest to them.
    I read that as "We don't have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on inventory for bikes and parts now".

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