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Thread: OEM 49L Top case on a GS?

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    OEM 49L Top case on a GS?

    Has anyone here installed the BMW 49L top case on their GS?

    There is surprisingly little info online about it. However it appears that it will install on the same set up as my Vario case.

    The issue I have is that my wife can not stand the angle of the pads on the Vario. And from the only picture I have found of one mounted, this looks like it would be much better.

    It holds two helmets, comes in the same color as my tank side panels, and does not require a different mount (allowing me to swap back and forth).

    Anyone used one? Am I misguided?



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    On a 1250RT that I rented in London, the top case was a 56 L Givi, which also holds 2 helmets, but my wife did not like the back rest pad as it protrudes much more the the OEM 49 L top case on our RT. The top case on the GTL looks like it has a better pad than the one on the RT and it is essentially the same case. Not sure if they will fit the GS, though. Perhaps a visit to an upholstery shop can yield a better solution for your situation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WWeldin View Post
    Perhaps a visit to an upholstery shop can yield a better solution for your situation.
    I had the same thought.
    If he has a shop near him it will be a lot cheaper than buying a 49 liter top box.
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    We had a Givi 52L on a previous bike that worked well.

    I donít think itís just the pad on the Vario. The blocky shape of it seems to create an acute angle with the passenger seat.

    When I look at the picture with the OEM 49L, it appears much more open.

    In looking up part numbers, it is not the same case offered for the RT. It IS the same case offered with the S1000XR.

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