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Thread: pecking on a 2018 r1200gs adventure

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    pecking on a 2018 r1200gs adventure

    I purchased a 2018 r1200gsa last year and I believe I've had a problem since new. I will say upfront this is my first bmw. when I'm riding the bike I get a phantom pecking that can only be felt in the footpegs. It almost feels like someone tapping on the bottom of the bike with a hammer. I left it at the dealer for a week last year to let them ride and try to diagnose. At the end of the week they said they could not find a problem and thought I might be feeling the traction control. Jump forward to this year. I'm still getting the intermittant phantom pecks. I took to another dealer, owned by same people. They did software updates, and told me rear shock was out of adjustment. Owner rode bike said he didn't feel anything abnormal. I had hoped maybe the shock adjustment was my problem, but as I rode the two hours home about halfway home I felt it again. I guess what I want to know is this a normal thing for a bmw or has anyone had the same issue? I find myself a little uneasy when it does it, worried maybe something is about to break and lock my rear wheel up.

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    At whatever speed makes it most perceptible, pull in the clutch and roll the throttle back to idle - this will help you determine if it's the "rolling chassis" or the engine.
    Every gear? And, only in gear - with or without the clutch pulled in? - or in Neutral too?
    Find a quiet stretch, have a buddy stand alongside the road, and see if he hears anything.

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    I notice it at steady highway speeds. If I increase the throttle it seems to stop.

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