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Thread: My 1992 R100R has been in the back of my garage since 2001. What's it likely worth?

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    My 1992 R100R has been in the back of my garage since 2001. What's it likely worth?

    I bought my R100R new in '92. My first and only motorcycle. I rode it until 2001 and it has 10,814 miles. My girlfriend was scared of motorcycles, so I switched to BMW convertibles.

    I love the bike and keep thinking I'll ride it again but it's never happened, so I think it's time to sell it.

    It's been in the back of my garage in Orange County, CA since 2001, hasn't been started since maybe 2002, but it's in excellent shape besides being coated with dust. Paint is perfect, etc. The sidebags have a couple light scrapes but that's it. I upgraded the seat. Otherwise stock.

    I see R100Rs listed from about $3,500-$9,500 but don't know what it's worth and how best to sell it.

    Any advice? I'd appreciate it.

    I've posted some images but not of the side close to the wall yet. Images are about 2000 pixels wide. Open them in a new tab to see the big ones.


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    Steve -

    Welcome to the forum! As people say, the bike is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. That said, you should do some more research and find out what prices are going for in the usual places - ebay, craigslist, the IBMWR marketplace, the MOA marketplace (link at the top of the page), etc. The NADA has a used vehicle could drill down on your bike and see what kind of numbers they suggest. Somewhere among that is a starting point.

    Since the rules on this forum don't allow for direct selling within the tech pages, you'll need to place your ad in one of those places I listed above. I'm guessing you're in California, so maybe stopping by Irv Seaver's to get their input as well. Maybe they'll make you an offer.

    Good luck with the bike!
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    Are you willing to detail it and get it running properly? If not, don't expect much for a dollar amount. If it does not run most buyers will expect the worst and plan on some major repair, probably below you low number. Running and polished up, towards the high end, but again, it is only worth what someone will so you need to be patient and find that guy.

    I have bought motorcycles for pennies on the dollar because the seller did not want to mess with it. One time I got a free Honda, took it home, dropped a battery in it and it started up and ran just fine. I rode it for a month or two and sold it for a decent price.
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    Just from the pics, as is, maybe $2500.00. If it was cleaned up, current registration, running properly, i think you could get in the $5000.00 range, + or -, depending on the cosmetic condition. On the plus side you are the original owner and it's a Ca. bike stored inside, with little or no corrosion. The downside is that it's sat a long time and could need lots of work to get back to riding condition. It could need the basics as well as a top end re-seal and carburetor work. It may have rusty fuel tank, who knows. Not a deal breaker for the right price or person. It's a nice bike nonetheless. Good luck which ever way you go. cheers.

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    First determine what a similar bike would actually sell for in your area. Get beyond advertised prices to get to what they actually sell for as opposed to what the asking price was. Use this as a base to compare what you have.
    Figure out what you need to do to get into safe useable condition. Plan on a complete service, new tires and battery. Possible need for a new master cylinder. Now figure out if you can and want to do the work yourself or have it all done at a shop/dealership.
    The rest is simple math. If you have to put more into it than you can get out of it then it might be best to sell it as-is at a lower price and avoid the hassle of the outlay of money and your time for basically nothing. If you can do it all yourself and can get your refurbish money back then it may be worth it. Tough call no matter what but I suspect that the person who would buy the bike as-is would be someone who has the time and energy to do all that is needed to bring it back to a useful life by himself.

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    Do a little bit to see if you can get it running. New battery (just drop a cheap 14ah battery in there), fresh gas, hit the start button and see what happens. Don't be surprised if you get fuel line leaks, carb overflows, etc. Keep a fire extinguisher handy.

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