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Thread: 2019 1250 RT- Yellow up arrow next to gear indicator?

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    2019 1250 RT- Yellow up arrow next to gear indicator?

    Hi all,
    Sorry for what is most likely a dumb question but I could not find the answer in the owner's manual or through a search. There are three yellow chevrons (looks like an up arrow) in place of the hill assist icon next to the gear indicator that lights up around 3K rpm in every gear but 6th. The assumption would be some sort of shift up indicator but it seems awfully early for something like that to come in. Any thoughts? Is this something new for 2019? Thanks.

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    That sounds like the upshift indicator. It arrived on the 2014RT (maybe the 2013 GS too). You can turn it off. I recall (when my 2015 was new) that it seemed to want me to shift to a higher gear around 2500 RPM.

    I just read the 2019 R1250RT manual. I couldn't find a reference to any upshift indicator. A mystery...
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    It is an up shift indicator which can be disabled in the settings.

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