2012 R1200GS,

Pulled into the driveway, left it running while I open the garage door, got back on the bike, the oil can emblem appeared on the display, but no yellow or red triangle which would indicate [ according to my manual ] not enough oil pressure. Ran it into the garage, shut it off, and put on side stand.

5 minutes later, center stand and the oil is just at the top of the sight glass. I just had the oil changed and full serviced at 23K, today it reads 23,142.

I've not seen that lamp come on before, suggestions as to why it did, what to watch for on next ride if anything? Oh, the temp bars were normal operating temp, not an extra bar or anything regarding temp of motor. I let the bike cool down for 30 minutes, started it back up and no oil lamp shown on the display board at that time. Hmm